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The Auntie Bonnie Be Calm Lavender Spray

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Beautiful, calming Lavender with Rose Quartz added for extra love.

Dr. Bonnie WE LOVE YOU!

Dr. Bonnie Henry is the Provincial Health Officer for British Columbia. She is credited for BC's success at keeping Covid-19 virus transmissions low, flattening the curve, and keeping British Columbians CALM. Her calm, soft voice and daily updates have kept us all informed and have elevated her in Indigenous communities to Auntie Bonnie. Auntie status is pretty serious. She has been blanketed by the Squamish Nation, and formally adopted and given a name by the Gitxsan Nation, "Gyatsit sa ap dii’m” meaning “one who is calm among us.”

Indigenous people of North America have a much different relationship with the current pandemic and Virus. Our populations were decimated by disease after first contact. We remember it in our oral histories, our inter-generational traumas, and in our blood.

"Throughout the Americas, Indigenous contact with Europeans was soon followed with drastic declines in Indigenous populations. With no natural immunity to diseases introduced by the Europeans, Indigenous Peoples were decimated by waves of epidemics of smallpox, tuberculosis, scarlet fever, influenza and measles. The smallpox virus, which came not so much as waves but as tsunamis, decimated the coastal First Nation population not once, but at least twice. Smallpox devastated Indigenous populations in other regions of the country as well but here we focus on the impact of smallpox on First Nations on the West coast." -

Thank you Auntie Bonnie for protecting Indigenous peoples, and All peoples in this land now known as Canada.

Be Calm. Be Safe.

***Please note***

We are experiencing freezing conditions in most of Canada and our glass bottles will freeze and crack if left outside. Please keep in mind when placing an order.