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January Wolf Full Moon Soap

January Wolf Full Moon Soap

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Introducing the Full Wolf Moon! These beauties were made during January’s Wolf Moon and I am IN LOVE with them.  This moon is extra special, as we come from the Wolf Clan from my Gitxaała heritage on the North West coast of BC. Our ancient clan systems are matrilineal, my father was a Wolf which means that I was adopted into his clan. One of his dying wishes was to have Melissa and I adopted to help strengthen our clan. He had only one sister, Melissa and I carry a huge responsibility to represent our family in a good way. We are Laxgibuu. Other clans are: Gispudwada/ Killer Whale, Laxsgiik/Eagle, Ganhada/Raven. Their are many more clans and systems across Turtle Island. Finding your “spirit animal” is largely offensive to Indigenous people. It is a gross cultural appropriation of our ancient systems, it’s not funny, cute, or trendy. Please don’t do it.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Cedar Thuja Essential Oil, Sweetgeass Fragrance,   Ultra Marine Blue pigment, Titanium Dioxide, sodium hydroxide, Moon Beam Water. 

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