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February Snow Full Moon 25% off!

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Introducing February’s Full Snow moon! I am so happy with how these turned out! They are Eucalyptus scented, which seems to make sense with the Snow moon.
I make Full Moon soaps at night time during each full moon, without a plan, relying on my feelings and inspiration on that evening. I made the moons a dark and light grey mix, which turned out beautiful! I place water outside to be purified by the full moon beams and use it in making my soaps. This one was a bit difficult as we actually had SNOW on the ground during this moon! I put all of my love and intentions into each bar. Moons are important for Indigenous people; each moon would guide our lives and help to make predictions! I love my moons.

Ingredients: Canola Oil, Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Ultramarine Blue, Activated Charcoal (grey), Sodium Hydroxide, Moon Beam Water.