Our Ingredients

All Natural Ingredients

It is important for us to leave as little footprint on Mother Earth as possible. We strive to use only eco-friendly materials. All of our products are vegan or vegetarian, and cruelty free. And it is Important for us to note that we refuse to use palm oil in any of our products. All of our products contain minimal ingredients and are safe to go down the drain. They smell good, feel good, and are good for our planet. 

Our Most Frequently Used Ingredients


Often referred to as "The Tree of Life", cedar is one of the most important materials for the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest. Every part of this sacred tree is used in our daily lives, it is used to make totem poles, clothing, longhouses, baskets, tools, utensils, masks, hats, medicine and much more. Cedar is burned to smudge away bad energies; we cleanse our body, mind, and souls in the smoke and with it send our prayers to Creator. Sisters Sage uses old growth cedar shavings collected from local indigenous artists. We harvest local Cedar boughs paying respect and thanking the sacred tree with offers of tobacco. 


Lavender is a wonderfully aromatic plant, used in many ways. Lavender can be used to reduce stress and anxiety as it induces a calming feeling. It helps to reduce headaches and is a natural sleep aid. Traditionally, Indigenous people would use Lavender buds in the sweat lodge, and as part of their medicine smudge bundle, adding it to other medicines to burn, helping to purify and cleanse bad energies, give thanks, and send prayers to Creator. Sisters Sage uses Lavender essential oils, as well as Lavender grown in our back yard!


Sage is a very important plant used in ceremony by Indigenous peoples in most of North America. It is a desert plant that grows wild and can be harvested respectfully, giving thanks and offerings. It is important to harvest sage in a respectful and honest manner, we thank the plant for giving us its healing medicine, and offer tobacco at its base. We keep sage in our smudge bundle and burn it when we feel the need. This can be anytime, to cleanse ourselves, body, mind, and spirit, to cleanse our home and surroundings of negative energies, to give thanks, to celebrate, or to mourn. In our family, we burned our sage when we felt that bad spirits were around or when we had a nightmare. Sisters Sage uses Sage essential oils and also Sage which we harvested in Lillooet, British Columbia. 


The smell of burning Sweetgrass was a constant growing up in Winnipeg. Now as an adult, every time I smell it, I am transported to my childhood, dancing in Pow Wows and smudging with my family. A sacred medicine for Indigenous people, Sweetgrass is harvested, braided, and burned in order to give thanks, pray, cleanse and purify ourselves, mind, body, and spirit. Sweetgrass is braided in three strands that represent our mind, body and spirit.


Tobacco has a long standing importance in Indigenous culture and ceremony. It is used in all stages of life, from birth, to receiving knowledge, marriage, and death. We use this sacred plant as an offering to the land and sea to provide safe passage in our travels. We offer tobacco to plants when we harvest medicines from them. We offer tobacco to our elders when we need guidance and knowledge. The smoke is considered a gateway to the spirit world and our prayers are carried with it to Creator. This sacred plant is vital to the continuance and preservation of our spirituality and culture.