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October Harvest Moon

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The Harvest Moon! This full Moon soap is very special, it is in honour of Neil Young’s epic album Harvest Moon. This is my take on the album cover. My parents wedding song was a classic by Neil Young, Comes a Time. Our dad succumbed to cance 15 years ago, and this song is still a hard listen, this soap holds tons of loving energy. This beautiful soap was made on October 1st, during the full Harvest Moon. I added Eucalyptus because when it’s ready in November, I think we all may need some Eucalyptus in our lives. Also, Neil Young is a staunch supporter, activist, and ally of Indigenous people. ✊🏽 
ingredients: Canola ooil, Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, Eucalyptus, Sodium Hydroxide, moon beam water, pigment.