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Welcome to Sisters Sage's Online Store! 

It has been almost a year since Melissa and I started out as entrepreneurs, following our dream of becoming our own bosses. We have learned a lot this year! Sisters Sage started out very small, armed with a shopping cart of supplies, passion, and determination, our products have really evolved and grown. Our initial idea was to become financially independent and we quickly realized that there are so many more elements involved which make us successful entrepreneurs. Our learnings, barriers, and successes have taught us so much and what is really important to us. We have come to define Sisters Sage under four main tiers: (in no particular order)

1. Financial independence. 

We are working hard to create a business where all of our personal finances are met. We want to be working to create financial freedom for ourselves instead of working for a company that does not align with our morals, ethics, or cultural identity. 

2. Promote and Educate on Indigenous culture and issues. 

Through Sisters Sage, Melissa and I are committed to create a platform that creates conversation and education about topics that are important to us, such as the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. We aspire to also teach about our culture and who we are as a people. You can feel free to ask questions on anything you are curious about. Melissa and I are more than willing to have conversations about our unique perspective on our Indigenous culture and lives!

3. Inspire and lead the way for other Indigenous female and youth entrepreneurs.

If we can do it so can you! I know that sounds cheesy! But we really feel this. We came from very humble beginnings. Really struggling to pay rent, bills, and have enough money to purchase materials to create our beautiful products. I am certain our story will resonate with those looking to promote themselves through self determination. We are passionate about Indigenous Entrepreneurs. Our people have been entrepreneurs from the beginning! Important to our economies was the ability to travel. We would travel to sell, barter and trade our goods and services. We sold art, clothing, jewellery, baskets, tools, houses, medicine and food! We provided services from doctors, healers, builders, cooks, spiritual guidance! And so much more! This traditionally was our way of life. The creation of the Indian Act in 1876 made it illegal for Indians to leave their reservations, thus making it illegal to continue our trade. This discriminatory legislation which continues largely unchanged today, kept the Indians impoverished and easy to control. Today we are taking back our inherent right to determine how and where we make our living. Sisters Sage is essentially our act of Self Economic Reconciliation. This is our act of decolonization via modernization. We support other Indigenous entrepreneurs  in reclaiming their inherent rights too. 

4. Provide sustainable and eco friendly products. 

A sick planet houses only sick people. We have to care for our planet and begin to understand that our actions are creating climate change at a scary rate. We are committed to providing products that are not causing harm. We don't use palm oil. No glitters over here! Our hope is that customers will use their buying power and choose to purchase products that are cruelty free and environmentally friendly. We are open to suggestions on what you would like to see from us as well! 


We look forward to the future and honouring these four main criterion that defines us personally as successful entrepreneurs! We sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this and hope you enjoy shopping with Sisters Sage!

Peace, Love, and Smudge!


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